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Why Post Your Land?
Vermont's outdoor community sees many people engaged in hunting and recreational activities year-round. While generally safe, hunting accidents can be life-altering. Instances have included mistaken identity shootings and stray bullets damaging homes. According to state law, Vermont allows hunting on unposted private land without permission. Posting your land enhances safety, preventing unauthorized firearm discharge and safeguarding your property and family.
Why Vermont Boundary Services?
Vermont mandates specific criteria for legally posted land to enforce the law effectively. Incorrectly posted land is both ineffective and unenforceable. Vermont Boundary Services offers specialized expertise, using the right tools to post your land within legal standards, ensuring visibility. Our service guarantees an effectively posted and legally enforceable property boundary, providing the security you need.
What Do I Get?
As a customer of Vermont Boundary Services, you will receive a high level of support throughout the entirety of the service process. At the conclusion of service, your land will be legally enclosed in accordance with Vermont law and you will be provided with professional documentation detailing the service that was completed.
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